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    Connect with your

    Peer Support Team

    Meet Your Peer Advocates:
    Casey Ellsworth (817) 938-2025
    Kari Brannan (214) 577-9799
    Matt Wilson (214) 385-0627
    Nick Granados (830) 822-6449
    Rudy Gonzales (214) 364-3907
    Rudy Valles (214) 803-3369

    Pick up the phone if you need to decompress, vent or seek fellowship from someone who won't judge you. The peer support team is here for you! Always available. Always confidential.

    Connect with your

    Professional PTS Support Team

    At Lifeologie, our dedicated team of counselors specializes in PTS and trauma counseling with first responders. We get it. We've trained for this. We've got your back. 

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    Request an appointment with a PTS-trained counselor